Now, Kirby is added to your library
A piece of good advice: add the “Symbols” and “Text Styles” components to your panel.
To add the components press on “View” and select “Customize Toolbar”. Add the “Symbols” and “Text Styles” component to your toolbar. This makes it easier and faster to build your design with Kirby symbols.
Add Kirby to your Sketch Library
Go to: sketch://add-library/cloud/mWrqP   and ask for access.
When you have access press on “Add Library to Sketch”
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Don’t add Guideline sketch to your Library - It’s just a sketch file to show you how to use different components. Guideline sketch should be used when you are designing a page.
You can look for inspirations and explanations on how to use the components.
Guideline Sketch
Add Library to Sketch
Go to Kirby Library